Daniel John Hirst

Website : www.danhirst.net

Email     : dan@danhirst.net

Tel:         : +27724302378(South Africa)

Tel           : +447547645122 (UK)

Guilds : SAG/AFTRA and Equity.


Born in York UK 13 May 1975

From leaving school in 1993 I served in the British Army Reserves then went on to the Regular Army and trained as an Infantry Platoon Commander at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Started Stunt work in 2000 and Acting alongside that in 2003.

British Passport holder with South African residency.

SAG Award Nominated for “The Dark Knight Rises”


Height (182cm),Weight 82kg, Chest 42”,Waist 34”,Leg 33”,Neck 15, Shoe UK9,US10.Head size 58cm


Stunt Coordinating,Military/Tactical Advising,Acting and Stunt Performing.

LA SWAT and Homeland Security tactical weapons trained. Firearms instructor,Drill Instructor(Competition level)

Scuba Diving Instructor(PADI &SSI),Snowboarding (Advanced),Abseil Instructor (Military and civilian),Quad Bike Guide,Hiking Guide (Military) ,Cliff jumping Guide (SA),Forklift Truck (Licensed) ,Code 10 Truck licence + PDP (Public Driving Permit),Paraglider,Skydiver (Cat 8/A licence), Horse Riding,Motorbike License.

Trampolining,Mini Tramp,strong swimmer,rock climbing,Wake Boarding ,rollerblading,Mountain biking,Running,Capoeira,Muay Thai Boxing,Amateur Boxing,Sword fighting.


Stunt Credits

  • “The Dark Tower” 2016 (Stunt Cast)
  • “Their Finest” 2016 (Stunt Performer)
  • “The Crown” 2016 (Military Advisor/Stunt Performer)
  • “The Last Post” 2016 (Assistant Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Serpent” 2016 (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Transformers: The Last Knight” 2016 (Stunt Peformer)
  • “The Mummy” 2016 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Justice League” 2016 (Stunt Perfomer)
  • “Dias Santana”2015 (Stunt Actor)
  • “The Brothers Grimsby”2015 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Our Kind of Traitor”2015 (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Atlantis”2015 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Avengers :Age of Ultron”2015 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Chappie”2015 (Vincents Merc #2/Stunts)
  • “Dominion”2014 (Stunt Double: Christopher Egan/Stunt Rigger)
  • “Atlantis”2014 (Stunt Performer)
  • “The Giver”2014(Military Advisor/Stunt Performer)
  • “Hector and The Search For Happiness” 2013 (Stunt Coordinator and Simon Pegg Double)
  • “SAF3″2013 (Stunt Double)
  • “In Einem Wilden Land” (Stunt Rider)
  • “Faan Se Trein”2013 (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Strike Back” Season 4 2013 (Stunt Performer/Mercenary)
  • “Black Sails” 2013 (Stunt Performer/First Mate)
  • “Desire” 2013 (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Jack Ryan” 2013 (Stunt Peformer/Kidnapper)
  • “Edge Of Tomorrow” 2013 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Half of a Yellow Sun” 2012 (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Labyrinth” 2012 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Blood Money” 2012 (Stunt Fighter)
  • “History of the World” 2011 (Stunt Performer)
  • “The Great British Story”2011 (Stunt Performer)
  • “World War Z” 2012 (Stunt Performer)
  • “The Dark Night Rises” 2012 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Safe House” 2011 (Tactical Advisor and Utility Stunts)
  • “Gettysburg” 2011 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Dredd” 2010 (Military Advisor and Stunt Double)
  • “Getting Out Alive”2010 (SWAT Advisor and Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Lost Boys The Thirst” 2010 (Stunt Double)
  • “Prisoner”2010 (Stunt Rigger)
  • “The Runaway” 2010(Stunt Fighter)
  • “Dark Tide” 2010 (Stunt Double)
  • “Death Race 2” (Stunt Performer)
  • “I Am Slave” (Stunt Coordinator)
  • “History of America” 2009 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Red Tails” 2009(Military Advisor and Boot Camp Coordinator)
  • “Secret of Whales”2008(Stunt Coordinator/Underwater  stunt coordinator)
  • “Acid Factory”2008(Stunt performer)
  • “Ex”2008(Stunt Driver)
  • “Devils Whore”2008 “Channel 4,UK”(Stunt Coor dinator,Swordmaster)
  • “Safari”(Stunt Driver)2008
  • “Generation Kill”2007 “HBO” (Stunt Coordinator,performer and Safety officer,boot camp instructor)
  • “Tunnel Rats”2007(Stunt Coordinator,Military advisor and Boot  Camp Instructor)
  • “Anner House”2006(Stunt Coordinator)
  • “Cash”2006(Assistant Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Driver and rigger)
  • “Goodbye Bafana”2006(Stunt Performer)
  • “Jonestown”2006(Stunt Performer)
  • “Blood Diamond”2006(2nd Stunt Double for Leo Di Caprio/Mercenary/Assistant Boot Camp Instructor.)
  • “Avenger”2005 (Stunt Actor)
  • ‘The Curse of King Tuts Tomb” (Stunt Double)India
  • “L’Affaire Du Rainbow Warrior”(Stunt Performer)
  • “Triangle” 2005 (Stunt  performer)
  • “Mercenary” (Stunt double Luke Goss) 2005
  • “Poseidon Adventure” (Stunt double Rutger Hauer)2004
  • “Slipstream” 2004(Stunt Performer)
  • “Red Water” 2003 (Stunt double Rob Boltin)
  • “Die Nebelungen”2004(Stunt double Sam West) 
  • “Monsieur N”2002 (Military advisor and Stunt Performer)
  • “Out on a Limb” 2004(Stunt Performer)
  • “Ask the Dust” 2004 (Stunt Performer)
  • “Troy” 2003 Mexico(Stunt Performer)
  • “Blast”2003 (Stunt double for Tony Hickox) 
  • “Charlie” 2003(Stunt Performer)
  • “Consequence”2002 (Stunt double for Rick Schroder) 
  • “Home Alone 4”2002 (Stunt Performer)

Acting Credits

  • “The Dark Tower” 2016 (Village Engineer)
  • “Transformers: The Dark Knight” 2016 (Nazi Officer)
  • “Origins/War” 2016 (German Sniper)
  • “Dias Santana”2015 (Venue Guard #2)
  • “Chappie”2015 (Vincents Merc #2)
  • “Black Sails” 2013 (First Mate)
  • “Labyrinth” 2012 Supporting Cast
  • “Great British Story” 2012 (Captain Gallagher) Highwayman
  • “Lost Future”2010 (Rolan) Supporting cast
  • “Red Tails”2009(German Ground Soldier)
  • “Lost City Raiders”2008(Alexi) Lead Role
  • “Blood Diamond”2006(Mercenary Bodyguard)
  • “Mercenary” 2005 South Africa (Merc 1)
  • “Supernova” 2004 South Africa (CIA Pilot)
  • “Jonestown”2006(Knifeman)
  • “Out on a Limb” 2004 South Africa (Police Sergeant)
  • “Charlie”2003 (Police Motorcyclist)
  • “Die Nebelungen/Kindom in Twighlight” 2004(Horse Messenger)
Plus stunt coordinating,acting and stunt performing on over 100 TV commercials.

In 2016 I stunt performed on The Dark Tower and played a character ,then onto The Mummy,Justice League and Transformers:The Last Knight as a stunt performer. Most recently Military advising on The Crown (season 2). I Stunt coordinated more 7 Tv commercials in the UK and South Africa in the same year. 

I look forward to the next challenge.

Regards Dan Hirst