It started on Blood Diamond (Warner Bros) when i was asked to help train many of the background artists and local stunts in numerous military and firearms skills . A wonderful opportunity.

Tunnel Rats in 2007 (Zen HQ) allowed me to Boot Camp all the cast in preparation for the Vietnam Genre. In limited time my team was able to make the cast convincing in both Viet Cong and US Marine Corps skills. 

Generation Kill (HBO)also in 2007 was a vast project ,spanning 8months including prep. Alongside Eric Kocher and Rudy Reyes we trained and up skilled the cast and stunts to be Recon Marines. Having the chance to learn from Eric and Rudy, I absorbed all that I could and whilst I stunt coordinated, we maintained a very high level of Military accuracy.

Red Tails (Lucas Film)in 2009 enabled me to run a series of 5 Boot Camps for all the cast and extras to provide them with an extremely in depth background as Tuskegee airmen from 1944/45. The boot camps were arduous but very precise and heavily laden with historical detail.Along with sleep deprivation,flight training,drill instruction,leadership,team tasks,deep water survival,firearms skills,night navigation and observation we proved that in a week a group of men can look like they have known and fought alongside each other for 2 years.After the Boot Camps I stayed on to Advise.


On The Giver I was tasked to build a scene where the lead has a flash back to a Vietnam Battle/Fire fight.

In 2015 The Siege of Jadotville (Netflix) was a huge and involved project where I trained the whole cast of 12 and over 200 Action Extras/ Stunts to play Mercenaries and Irish UN soldiers. The movie was exceptional a huge success on Netflix in 2016. I designed all the battles/war action for 3 months after boot camping all players and heavily involved in script changes prior to the shoot.

Getting Out Alive (Discovery Channel)in 2010 I was given the chance to train and be a member of the SWAT teams for 2 episodes and then stunt coordinate an episode. With Lance Peters from MilSpec who provides the movie firearms and the SWAT team, we converted a great bunch of extras into convincing squad.

Dredd 2010 (DNA Films) Finished Tactical Advising in February 2011 and was an interesting project to tactical advise on as it was set in the future. Great team.

Safe House 2011 (Universal Pictures) Ran the boot camp for the cast and stunts for this project. Military and Tactical Advisor ,Mercenary Character and Stunts as a performer for the duration of shooting.

Here is the Safe House behind the scenes clip showing some of the weapons and tactics I trained the cast  in and ran in the sequences.