Susanna White  (Generation Kill Director)6 July 2009
To Whom It May Concern:
Daniel Hirst was one of my stunt coordinators and stunt safety advisor on Generation
Kill, a 7-hour miniseries that filmed over a period of six months in three different
countries. It was a long and arduous shoot that required many stunts, military
maneuvers, and constant safety supervision; we were constantly recreating gunfights,
filming extended battle sequences, and operating heavy-duty military equipment. Dan
handled the pressures of his role as supervisor with grace and dedication. He was a
fearless leader who not only developed and helped to coordinate stunt sequences, but
ensured the safety of our large ensemble cast of 38 principal actors.
Dan’s patience, adaptability and leadership skills made him an indispensable part of
our team, and his kindness and accessibility and dedication made him a joy to work
with. As somebody with a military background and leadership training at the Royal
Military Academy Sandhurst, Dan was a valuable asset to the production. He played
a key role in developing and carrying out our two-week boot camp prior to production
in which he, along with our military advisors and the rest of the stunt team,
transformed actors into marines.
Dan is an intelligent leader and a talented stunt coordinator and performer. I highly
recommend him and any production would be lucky to have him as part of their team.
Susanna White

Harry Boyd (1st AD Red Tails(Lucas Film),Generation Kill(HBO)

“Having worked with Dan on “Generation Kill” for HBO, I was most impressed at his calm ability to make big things happen under the pressures of a tight schedule. After this I had no doubt in offering him the position of Bootcamp Chief, on “Redtails” whereupon his passion for getting things right far excelled and he went on to achieve the most amazing results. He and his team captured the hearts and minds of every single Cast and crew member alike.
People like Dan make this industry a wee bit nicer.
Harry Boyd
harry boyd
Assistant Director.” July 29, 2010

Mitch Engel (Producer Fox Television Studio)

“Dan Hirst is one of the more talented human beings on the planet. We’ve worked together on several shows and his work is exemplary. He leaves a set with a bundle of friends and admirers. If you have the chance to employ him as a stunt coordinator, stunt player, or anything else you can convince him to do – you will not regret it.” July 22, 2010

Mitch Engel , Producer , Fox Television Studio

Chris Roland (Producer Zen HQ)

“Daniel worked with us as a stunt coordinator on the Vietnam war film Tunnel Rats. He is a pro all the way, and easy to work with.” August 30, 2010

Chris Roland , Owner Producer , ZenHQ Films